Qualifications and Training Competency

4 Evergreen Resources LP takes great pride in the Qualifications and Competency of our Employees and Qualified Sub-Contractors. Please find listed highlights of the certifications and qualifications possessed by our Employees and Sub-Contractors available to work on a wide variety of projects:
 Employee Certifications and Qualifications
• Qualified Project Supervisors and Foreman
• Certified Environmental Monitors
• Certified QSTs
• Certified Construction Safety Officers
• Certified Fallers
• Qualified Operators of all Heavy Equipment
• Qualified Labour Force
• Certified Level 1-3 First Aid Attendants and Certified MTC/ETV Units
• Certified Traffic Control Personnel
Sub-Contractor Certifications and Qualifications
• Qualified Bridge Constructor – MOU in place with 4Evergreen
• Qualified Environmental Consultants – MOU in place with 4Evergreen
• Qualified Crushing Contractor – MOU in place with 4Evergreen
• Certified Utility Arborists
• Certified RPBio’s
• BCHydro Certified Helicopter Companies
• Qualified Concrete Formwork Erectors
• Qualified Reinforcing Steel Installers
• Qualified Concrete Placement crews
• Qualified Shotcrete, Anchor and Foundation Companies
• Certified Geotechnical, Civil and Structural Engineers
Combined with 4 Evergreen Resources LP’s outstanding array of Certified and Qualified Employees and Sub-Contractors, is 4 Evergreen Resources LP’s extensive and comprehensive Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Manual and exceptional Safety Record which is available in .pdf format when required.