Accessing and Managing Contract Opportunities for Saulteau First Nation

4 Evergreen Resources LP is the officially designated and authorized flagship company for the Saulteau First Nations for natural resource development opportunities. Saulteau First Nations is the sole shareholder.
4 Evergreen Resources LP acknowledges the economic and social benefits arising from developing strong relationships with industry partners, our local contractors and suppliers.

Newly formed limited partnerships and strategic business alliances will allow 4 Evergreen Resources LP to participate in works otherwise inaccessible. Establishing long-term relationships will benefit our industry partners, the Saulteau First Nations, its people and all partner contractors.

In order to create employment opportunities within our community; business relationships are structured to promote specialized skill set transfer in the form of "job shadowing" and apprenticeship training from our highly skilled partners.

4 Evergreen Resources LP is committed to excellence in managing all of the health, environmental and safety aspects of our business and operations. All subcontractors are required to be fully insured and have an appropriate safety management system in place.